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On learning

- - - Our class, with a part of our production - - - As soon as the last big chocolate holiday, Mother's Day, was over, I was on my way to Montreal to study with Ramon Morato, one of the greatest chocolatiers of modern times.  The two days in a Ganache Master Class proved invaluable and I am now full of ideas and eager to test new methods of production.  My colleagues were either French expats working in Montreal or Quebecois, with the exception of a fabulous California chocolatier who had spent 8 years in France.  Chef Morato's French...

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Celebrating Mom

Mother's Day is the last of the chocolate holidays, and I think of it as the perfect occasion to close out our season before the heat of summer.  Salted caramel butterflies dominate in the boxes: I make them in both dark and milk chocolate due to popular request.  It makes the boxes oh so pretty and very feminine, a nice break from the smooth perfection of our domes. We will be at the South End Open Market tomorrow May 1 and also on May 8, Mother's Day.  So stop by and get a box for Mom, she will love you...

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Back in stock!

Yesterday's batch was Pistachio Raspberry.  Today's was a big batch of Salted Caramel in milk chocolate.  Thursday will be dedicated to Dark Almond.  You get the drift:  we ran out of our Domes, all our Critters and all the French Bunnies.  The latter won't come back till Easter 2017, but everything else is almost all back in stock.  The image above shows today's butterflies in salted caramel.  Can you tell I had fun painting their little wings and bodies?

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A very happy Spring!

I wish all our wonderful customers a happy Easter and lovely spring.  This chocolatier is taking a couple days' rest after a very busy Easter season.  But I will start production again this week, because our stocks are woefully low.  Our next chocolate holiday is of course Mother's Day.  We much look forward to May 1, the first market day at Ink Block, the new home of the South End Farmers Market.  This will be the perfect place to introduce our special offerings for Mom.

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