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Ever since 2018, when we opened our shop and production space at 189 Brackett Street, we were immediately and strongly championed by our West End community.  We have a true debt of gratitude for that unconditional support, and early on decided that we had to pay it forward.  So our early donations included many boxes to many organizations.

Our first big donation was to the COVID unit at Maine Medical, which included Love Flowers for each of the 100+ unit members, and a total of 750 chocolate lollipops and dinosaurs for their kids.

We then decided on a more systematic giving strategy, which we employ to this day:  for our three biggest chocolate seasons, Valentine's Day, Easter and the Holidays, we select a small to medium non-profit that is highly rated on Charity Navigator.  We donate 10% of the online and shop gross sales for either a whole collection (Easter, Holidays) or the top selling item (our Love you to the Moon and Stars box for V. day).  Our focus has been in two main areas, so following are the organizations that received those larger gifts:

  -  food insecurities organizations:  Cumberland County Food Security Council; Full Plates, Full Potential; Wayside Food Programs; Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program; and the Locker Project.

   -  organizations that support women and girls:  Through these Doors;  A Company of Girls; and (for the 2024 Easter season) the Summer Camp for Girls.

If your non-profit is rated as a four-star charity on Charity Navigator, we welcome your getting in touch so we may consider you for one of our next big donations.  But we are always happy to provide more modest gifts of chocolate boxes for your non-profit fund raising event, just get in touch by emailing us via our contact page.