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Bar work

Summer is for discovery!  Freed up from the demands of chocolate production, I finally have time to plan.  I work on two fronts: first, figuring out new formats that will augment current offerings and dovetail with the various chocolate holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, all of December to the New Year).  And second, updating our seasonal line up to incorporate new flavors.

My total focus right now is on bars.  There will be two, see above: a Baby Bar (20 grams) and a Big Bar (30 grams).  The Baby Bars will be sold four in our small boxes, the Big Bars will be six in our classic square boxes.

Three bars are in the offing:  the ones shown above are Crunchy Salted Caramel.  The ones shown on our home page are Hazelnut Praline, and the third (still in progress) will be a milk bar with Citrus Nougat. Both the salted caramel and hazelnut bars are done in dark chocolate.

My circle of tasters is totally bonkers about the bars! I am very excited to share them with you come early September!