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Gold, Silver and Bronze

2022 was a good year for our little team's competitive spirit!  In November, we won a Gold medal at the NW Chocolate Alliance for our Pistachio Raspberry chocolate, out of 9 medals bestowed worldwide on chocolate confections.  Catherine started with that chocolate back in 2014, when the business consisted of just 7 chocolates, and never pulled it out of rotation.  Along with Passion Vanilla and Salted Caramel, the only other "survivors" of the early days, it is just too beloved to ever retire. For the Academy of Chocolate (London, UK) Filled Confections 2022 competition, announced today, we decided to present...

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Thank you!

As we close out 2022, we just have to say thank you.  Our loyal customers came through for us in a year of harsh events and looming recession.  We continue to make new connections with visitors and Portlanders alike, but our business is truly sustained by our core supporters, who just keep showing up. We were thrilled and humbled to be voted Best Chocolatier in Portland this summer, and to receive a gold medal for our Pistachio Raspberry chocolate at the toughest national competition.  These awards reinforce our core belief in using great ingredients and no shortcuts. So for 2023,...

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Our first Advent Calendar!

Ever since we opened 189 Brackett, customers have asked us to make an Advent Calendar.  Putting one together is not a small matter, however:  a good calendar should provide fun surprises 25 days in a row while giving much tasting pleasure.   It should balance the tastes of kids and grownups alike, with a good mix of dark and milk chocolates.  And it should be in a sweet spot price-wise:  while a luxurious indulgence, we had to make sure we kept the price as reasonable as possible. So in the hot days of August, we devised and revised lists of potential...

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Introducing our Chocolatier's Choice box!

As you may know, we create one menu for the year, with a number of new chocolates added to our classics.  But we feel it to be a bit constraining, in that it limits our creative possibilities to the summer season - preceding getting the menu printed in the fall. We have always wanted to create the most complex chocolates, with no regard to time spent on components or having to produce large quantities.   And to be able to introduce fresh tastes for our loyal customers, who are an adventurous lot, hungry for new experiences.  So came to be our...

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Price increase, but a silver lining.

Effective September 5, we are implementing a price increase across our product line.  This will help us deal with higher costs, and particularly that of chocolate, our biggest ingredient by far.  While we increased prices on those items that use a lot of chocolate, we decided not to change the price of other items where it was possible (Pâte de Fruits, Hazelnut Crème, Vegan tablets). Prices for high-quality chocolate have gone up yearly ever since we started the business in 2014, but that is where the silver lining comes in. Guittard, our chocolate provider and a leader in the Fair Trade...

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Best Chocolatier!

Portland Old Port holds a month-long vote in July for Best of Portland with a huge list of possibilities (Best Place to Play Pool/Darts/Shuffleboard? Check.  Best Twitter Personality? Check. Best Open Mic? Check.) We were thrilled to be nominated along 7 others for Best Chocolatier,  and elated to be announced the winner last night.  Sarah was on hand at the award celebration to accept our beautiful certificate, which we will proudly display in the shop.  We thank our dear customers for yet again supporting our little chocolaterie.  It means the world to us to have you recognize our hard work!

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