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Price increase, but a silver lining.

Effective September 5, we are implementing a price increase across our product line.  This will help us deal with higher costs, and particularly that of chocolate, our biggest ingredient by far.  While we increased prices on those items that use a lot of chocolate, we decided not to change the price of other items where it was possible (Pâte de Fruits, Hazelnut Crème, Vegan tablets). Prices for high-quality chocolate have gone up yearly ever since we started the business in 2014, but that is where the silver lining comes in. Guittard, our chocolate provider and a leader in the Fair Trade...

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Best Chocolatier!

Portland Old Port holds a month-long vote in July for Best of Portland with a huge list of possibilities (Best Place to Play Pool/Darts/Shuffleboard? Check.  Best Twitter Personality? Check. Best Open Mic? Check.) We were thrilled to be nominated along 7 others for Best Chocolatier,  and elated to be announced the winner last night.  Sarah was on hand at the award celebration to accept our beautiful certificate, which we will proudly display in the shop.  We thank our dear customers for yet again supporting our little chocolaterie.  It means the world to us to have you recognize our hard work!

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Saying goodbye to Darcy

Winky Lewis Photo Darcy was first introduced to all via this blog entry over four years ago.  She has been a huge part of what Chocolats Passion has become today: first starting from our tiny corner at the Fork Food Lab, to helping decide on our move to 189 Brackett Street for our shop/production space.  For four years, she juggled being a loving mom (and as we know, much of that during COVID) while giving us her creative energy, positivity and serene presence.  She nudged me, ever so gently, away from our corny menus and inelegant graphics to new ways...

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Spring is finally here!

Winky Lewis Photo The time span between Valentine's Day and Easter this year was huge, and exactly what we needed to produce more bunnies and eggs than ever.  This year, our French bunnies sport salted caramel and marshmallows in their stout little bodies.  Amélie is our girl bunny, her name direct from Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, a sweet movie that was a love letter to both Montmartre and Paris.  Jacques is our boy, a Breton to the core with its salted caramel.  As with Valentine's Day, we decided to share 10% of our online and shop sales of Easter...

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Spotlight on Catherine, from one of our favorite suppliers

The Perfect Puree has been a constant as long as Chocolats Passion has been in business.  Our top selling chocolate, Passion Vanilla, uses their fabulous  passion fruit as the base.  There is none better anywhere, along with a number of others which are used for ganaches and pâtes de fruits.  Catherine was recently approached about being featured in their "Inspiration" page, where various chefs talk about their work.  Here is a reprint of this lovely piece. You could say artisan confectioner Catherine Wiersema has chocolate in her blood from her childhood in France, where she made her first (admittedly awful)...

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Meet our new Lead Chocolatier!

Our team is thrilled to announce that Sarah Levine has been promoted to Lead Chocolatier!  Ever since Sarah joined us almost two years ago, she has blazed a trail of masterful competence in all aspects of our profession.  She has excelled in every way: from creating a prize-winning chocolate six months in (Silver medal for her Pecan Pralines Mendiant).    She conquered all the complex chocolate-making aspects of our work, gradually taking over organizing our production so our team could collaborate in an ever efficient,  seamless flow.  Then, training our apprentice Ruby from day one in all the steps of chocolate production,...

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