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Summer time = play time!

The entire team cherishes that four-month period between Mother's day and Labor day, because this is when we play!  Each team member is tasked with creating new chocolates, and the ideas can be wild!  Among the out-there notions this year are grapefruit/goat cheese (Kait), fennel (Catherine), lychee jasmin (Ruby), and carrot cake (Sarah).   More classic tastes are also in the cards, with lemon poppy-seed, strawberry matcha, hazelnut calamansi and cassis vanilla. We are also thinking of expanding the range of vegan options in our regular collection, so Briana will put forth a coconut guava offering.  And Victoria (a.k.a. our Caramel...

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About our Murals!

  Creating a mural on the entire wall of 175 Spring Street was a dream of ours ever since we decided to move to our beautiful new space.  Cacao plants are remarkable small trees that grow best in the shade of larger ones, like the banana trees shown left and right.  They sport flowers and pods of all sizes, all at once, along their trunks and branches.  They are mostly pollinated by a minuscule midge and sometimes bats.  Those are shown in beautiful detail in the second mural, which reads like a botanical print:  both murals were created by artist...

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Mark January 17, 2024 as a defining date in the life of Chocolats Passion!  On this date, Sarah and Catherine became co-owners of this enterprise we love so much. It was clear from the time Sarah joined Chocolats Passion in early 2020 that she brought skills and energy that complemented our small team perfectly.  Her creative abilities, a central element of our brand, were on full display when she won a silver medal for her very first creation at the NW Chocolate Festival.  This was just six months after joining us!  Ever since, she has won medals for six more...

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Down memory lane

When I started Chocolats Passion 10 years ago, it was a true passion project, a little endeavor to nurture when I retired from my career as a landscape designer.  I was also coming full circle because chocolate/nuts/caramel had always been my passion as a little kid growing up in France.  I never stopped making things with chocolate, gifting my holiday production to family, friends and clients.  Ever the autodidact, I taught myself tempering/molding/applying color to molds, until I recognized my limitations and enrolled at Ecole Chocolat over a two-year period, to get real training.  I was now ready to turn...

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175 Spring Street!

175 Spring Street mural by artist Claire Frederick 175 Spring Street is live!  Today December 1 is our first official day of business in our wonderful big new production and retail space.  We only had 8 days between our two addresses, our last service at 189 Brackett was November 22, and we held a soft opening at 175 Spring last night November 30.  Many of our friends in the food community showed up, as well as a large number of our most loyal customers and the friends and families of our team.  Post soft opening, the whole team and their...

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2023 Advent Calendar

We dipped our toes into creating a first Advent Calendar in 2022, with an offering of just 100.  When it sold out in two days, we knew we had to do better in 2023.  So we started planning for it in May, right after Mother's Day.  We had our friends at ASpecialty Box make us a custom calendar with an image our fabulous photographer, Winky Lewis, had created of all our Holiday confections.  We loved its icy colors, and used those for the menu that provides a short description of each daily surprise, see the image above. We also upped...

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