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Our customers say...

 Source:  Facebook reviews in their entirety

"These chocolates are as fun as they are delicious. Right now we are enjoying the frogs. The little fellows are so cute that it feels like a shame to eat them. But we do. Can't help it. And then look forward to the next seasonal surprise. These boxes make fantastic gifts! Everyone loves them."

I used to think LA Burdick's was the best chocolate in town. After tasting the remarkable raspberry pistachio critter at Somerville Winter Farmers Market today, I have to admit that I didn't know how good filled chocolates COULD taste! Hard to describe the perfected crunch, break of the shimmery hard chocolate shell, the parsecs amount of nuttiness and sweet raspberry pucker, and just the right balance of everything good in this sensory life. Succumbed to a stunning box of chocolate domes with 7 flavors, although the Bunnies were what brought me to the market in the first place! Love your creations, please keep doing what you ladies do--you are solidly #1 chocolatier in town! Hope to see you at another Farmer's Market soon!

The chocolates' are the VERY BEST and are so BEAUTIFUL. I gave the ones that I bought away as gifts and everyone thought they were beautify and did not want to eat them. hopefully they did they would be missing out an a incredible taste. we are from Kansas never seen anything like these chocolates'.

Chocolats Passion has it all ...Presentation is Beautiful, as Delicious as They Look, and the Sweetest Owner! Wish I picked more up today at the SOWA Market.

Much to my delight, I discovered this gem at the Somerville Farmer's Market. Growing up around the world, I have been so fortunate to have tasted great food from around the world, whether it be a nice restaurant in Paris, or a falafel stand in Cairo. But this my friends, this....is......spectacular. Only one word can describe these chocolates: Orgasmic. thank you thank you, THANK YOU. it's the little things in life that make life worth living. Don't walk to this store, RUN!!!!! You will not regret it."

"There is not another gift more perfect: either for yourself or your relatives and friends. Crafted from the best ingredients, beautifully boxed and carefully shipped, these chocolates are unsurpassed."

"Beautiful and delicious chocolates. They were delivered right on time and the care that was shown was exceptional. Thank you so much!"

"From the clever presentation box to the shimmer of the decoration on the chocolate shell....you know from the start that there is something special here. No matter which flavor you choose, that first bite proves the premise. The flavors are sublime and the chocolate shells are works of art. Satiny opalescence spattered with what looks like molten gold encasing the most luscious fillings imaginable. Creations of a beautiful mind! I could go on but...um....the box on the buffet is pulling me, like one of Homer's sirens. I.....must............go................."

"Inside and out these are the best chocolates ever! They are fresh, exquisitely flavored, beautifully presented and totally irresistible. If you love gardens, spring blooms and the color and fragrance of flower petals, you will love these chocolates!"

"So artistic and unique. And the flavor is intense, complex, and wonderful, and the texture is divine. I was amazed. If you want to knock someone's socks off who knows and appreciates the confectionary arts, these will do it."

"I have been eating these chocolates for several years. They are absolutely stupendous!!"

"You have never tried chocolates like these before. They look too good to eat, but once you gently sink your teeth into one, you will be hooked. Such delicate flavors. I gave all the women in our family a box for the holidays and they couldn't say enough about these unique chocolates. This would be a great Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie."

"Beauty is not just skin deep with these exquisite delights! Within the lovely packaging are hand painted mini masterpieces that look almost too gorgeous to eat... almost! As soon as you take a bite, chocolate bliss rushes over you. Each filling is incredibly scrumptious; I've been eating these chocolates for years and I've never met one I haven't loved. I also have peace of mind knowing they are made from the very best ingredients too! I ordered some for my mother and mother-in-law for Christmas and they have not stopped raving about them. This is the perfect gift for all occasions, especially when you're just looking to treat yourself! But beware, family members and friends will probably dip right in and your chocolates will be gone in a flash. This is coming from experience... order more than one box! :)"

"These are some of the most beautiful, and most delicious chocolates I've had. The old rule about never biting chocolate, but instead letting it melt in your mouth? ~ you can (and should) with these perfect French chocolates. Only one word for them . . . divine!"

"Delight! Absolutely beautiful sweet delight! I sigh audibly after each bite!"

“These delectable chocolate creations are in a league of their own! Not only do they taste sublime, they are almost too beautiful to eat. The attention to detail in the packaging is fabulous as well. The salted caramel is divine but the pistachio/raspberry is absolutely inspired. These will become my GO TO treat. Luckily, they ship very fast”

"Love love love these amazing chocolates. They are beautiful, and beautifully packaged, so they make stunning gifts. And then you put one in your mouth, and ... oh my. They really are as perfect as they look. The chocolate is crisp; the fillings are fresh and bright and balanced. Absolutely perfect. Love"

"Upon spotting the Chocolats Passion box coming in the door on Christmas afternoon, my son-in-law excitedly proclaimed "Mignardises!" and then the opening of the box to see everyone's favorites AND the Yule Log. Merci beaucoup for such beauty and deliciousness. Thoughtful details, beautiful presentation and delicious perfection......Chocolats Passion!"

"I don't think there are any words that would be adequate to describe these incredibly designed, absolutely delicious, scrumptious chocolates. These delights are made from the finest ingredients and are fashioned passionately in flavors that are each irresistible. My daughter recently surprised me with a gorgeously packaged box of these blissful creations. Not only are these chocolates visually beautiful, but they are made with fruit purees that truthfully are a taste experience like no other I have had. After I tried my first exquisite hazelnut confection, I just could not wait to try all of the other expertly hand made chocolates. Each one demonstrated to me that this was chocolate like no other, and that I was never to be satisfied with any other than these made with such passion! I found myself looking forward to that time when I would treat myself to a delectable, heavenly chocolate. As I savored each different, extraordinary flavor, I knew that this was the beginning of my own Chocolats Passion! I am now aware that these treasures can be customized according to each individual's tastes. I am assured that once you try these perfections, you will be searching for occasions to gift them to your loved ones and friends. How fortunate they will be! Magnifique, extraordinaire, délicieux.....expect to feel that you have royally been treated when you experience the very best there is. Merci Chocolats Passion for introducing me to your masterfully created gems. I can foresee a long relationship between you and me!"

Source:  Facebook, reviews in their entirety, no editing.