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Our Chocolats

Our menu above describes all the chocolates we will introduce or rotate in the coming year.  Some are highly seasonal and available only when their ingredients make their fleeting appearance in our region, while others show up to celebrate a new season, or Valentine Day, or just because...

As of September 2021, our collection includes 21 chocolates, which are available in our Squares, Tiny Planets, and Hearts.  As with all our confections, our chocolates are made with organic cream/ butter/ citrus/ honey. Note that the Pralinés alone contain gluten.

LA COLLECTION, September 2021:

72% Guittard dark chocolate shells, 12 chocolates:

Almond Citrus:   an intense almond ganache is paired with our organic candied pink grapefruit.

Almond Praliné:  caramelized Marcona almonds and crepe cookie flakes get a little kick from smoked paprika.  Contains gluten.

Cassis Orange:  a black currant pâte de fruits  and an orange ganache made with Guittard's 74% organic chocolate are equal players in this intensely fruity and deeply flavored chocolate.

Dulce de Café:  a strong French roast infuses the ganache, which is tamed by an organic Dulce de Leche.

Hazelnut Praliné:  our smooth hazelnut paste is made into a gianduja with chocolate, to which we add caramelized nuts and crepe cookie flakes.  Contains gluten.

Lemon Mint:  we steep fresh mint overnight in cream to intensify the ganache flavor, and add a Meyer lemon pâte de fruits.

Palet d'Or: we make this classic dark chocolate ganache with a beautiful Guittard Madagascar Criollo.  One for chocolate purists.

Passion Vanilla: this chocolate has two ganaches:  a very tart passion fruit ganache and a mellow Madagascar vanilla ganache.

Salted Caramel:  our bittersweet salted caramel ganache is made with organic cream and organic butter.  This chocolate also contains Madagascar vanilla and Guérande fleur de sel.

Sour Cherry:  a Morello cherry pâte de fruits is paired with a milk chocolate and yogurt ganache, for the perfect sweet and tart balance.

Strawberry Lemon Cream:  a Cape Elizabeth strawberry pâte de fruits and a Meyer lemon tangy ganache make up this summer chocolate.

Yuzu Honey: a little piece of organic candied yuzu  peel sits between a yuzu pâte de fruits and a honey and butter ganache.

41% Guittard milk chocolate shells, 9 chocolates:

Apple Cider:  Our take on apple pie is made with a green apple pâte de fruits and an apple cider ganache, with the addition of a little apple vinegar for acidity and balance.

Bananas Foster:  bananas and candied walnuts are flavored with a bit of rum, vanilla and cinnamon.

Brown Butter Pecan:  the beurre noisette we make from a beautiful cultured organic butter is the star of the ganache.  A pecan toasted in a bit of bourbon and spices provides a texture contrast.

Lime Habanero:: after steeping habanero peppers and lime zest in cream, we caramelize white chocolate, add lime juice and a bit of rum to yield this fragrant and spicy chocolate.

Mexican Hot Chocolate:  another of our spicy but not too hot chocolates, with heat from Annato seed, Mexican cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Pistachio Praliné:  we make a gianduja with our pistachio paste, and add roasted and caramelized nuts and crepe cookie flakes.  Contains gluten.

Pistachio Raspberry:  this chocolate has three components: a pistachio ganache made with fresh pistachios, which we grind smooth in our stone grinder; a raspberry pâte de fruits; and a small piece of organic candied Meyer lemon.

Salted Caramel:  the milk version of our classic described in the dark section.

Szechuan Peppercorn:  we combine a caramelized white chocolate with steeped peppercorns to make this floral and gently spicy chocolate.