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On learning

- - - Our class, with a part of our production - - -

As soon as the last big chocolate holiday, Mother's Day, was over, I was on my way to Montreal to study with Ramon Morato, one of the greatest chocolatiers of modern times.  The two days in a Ganache Master Class proved invaluable and I am now full of ideas and eager to test new methods of production.  My colleagues were either French expats working in Montreal or Quebecois, with the exception of a fabulous California chocolatier who had spent 8 years in France.  Chef Morato's French was fluent, and his kindness, generosity and knowledge mind-boggling.  The facilities at the Cacao Barry Chocolate Academy were superb.  I count myself very lucky to have partaken in this opportunity, and think that all of you will benefit in the months to come!