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Baby Dragons!

I first got introduced to this dragon in Toronto at Kerry Beal's (AKA the Chocolate Doctor) e-Gullet chocolatiers' conference, and couldn't resist adding it to our Critters' line-up.  Of course, since I just love, love color, I had to make them my own fanciful creations.

There are two Baby Dragons: we have a Crunchy Salted Caramel with a soft bittersweet caramel, little rice puffs, and chunks of crisp chocolate with lace cookie bits; and a Citrus Nougat in a marzipan ganache with almonds, pistachios, grapefruit and Meyer lemon.  In brief, all of our yummiest favorites!

They weigh in at a very healthy 120+ grams each, so best as a group dessert.  I do have a friend who has eaten one in a single sitting... just saying, it is possible.