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Back to the source... the Paris chocolate trail!

A visit to my home country always divides up into two distinct parts: the first days are spent in Toulouse to see family and to gather for a joyous “Fête de Famille”. We love being able to see everyone, and to partake in a wonderful 5-hour lunch with great local wines. We then head to Paris where we walk a lot (a necessity considering the food intake), go to museums, and discover new restaurants in our adoptive neighborhood of the Marais. But my personal goal is always to visit chocolatiers. It is so much fun to see what they created...

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Spring is here, right?

There is a little game among my friends as to the day the snow will be completely gone: my bet is mid-April, pessimists venture into early May... But spring is in my heart because I am making Critters!  Each batch is a little different, compare the last two in the picture above.  The Passion Frogs can be spotted or not, the butterflies orange or green, even a few Hedgehogs had a bit of a punk streak in that last batch.  But the milk chocolate Baby Frogs might be my favorites, little cutie pies.  Lest my enthusiasm seem childish, remember that...

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Fantasizing about Spring.....

March 15 is the official start date of Chocolats Passion's Spring season:  we are likely to still be encased in deep snow, but here is to hoping for green grass and budding trees!  Nothing lifts my spirit like hand painting Passion Frogs and cute butterflies, it makes me dream of tulips, honey bees and the sun on my face...  The Spring Critters start with the Baby Frogs, or 3 grams each of pure milk chocolate deliciousness:  you can let them melt one at a time on your tongue, or pop-pop-pop them into your mouth, pick your style.  The butterflies are...

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Valentines flying out!

My first Valentine season is proving to be a blast!  As you can see from the picture above, the choices are highly varied:  the Love Flower is a perennial hit, many are seeking out Love Bites, the Twin Hearts have lots of fans, and the Petite Valentine box is a total winner.  These went out yesterday.  More boxes are being assembled and shipped today and tomorrow, and more pick up orders into Saturday...  no rest for the (happy) chocolatier!

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Thank you, Belmont Citizen Herald!

I am most grateful to Joanna Tzouvelis, Editor of the Belmont Citizen Herald, for a wonderful article published this past week about my little venture.  Lucia Arno-Bernsen did a remarkable job parsing through my not very cohesive comments during her lengthy interview.  Ann Ringwood took great action pictures while I was assembling a corporate order of Mini Passion 16 Bites. Here is the link should you be interested: http://belmont.wickedlocal.com/article/20150112/NEWS/150119266 I cannot think of a nicer introduction to Belmont for Chocolats Passion!  Thank you, thank you!

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