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A little break

Back in late October, I ventured on a wet slope while walking our daughter's dog, Milo, and had a rather spectacular wipe-out.  The kind they make into cartoons!   I knew instantly I had done lots of damage to my right shoulder, but the chocolate season was only starting, so decided to grin and bear it.  I found creative ways to carry trays and mold chocolates with 10 degree function in my right arm (upper arm glued to the body, more trips between machines), and was able to get by, also much due to the help of Amalia,  who many...

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With all our heart!

We are working double time right now to make sure we produce all we need for one of our busiest chocolate holidays, Valentine Day of course! This year, our new Crunchy Hearts are getting a lot of attention.  I just finished batches yesterday which we will start shipping today.  Of all the chocolates I create, they are the most challenging, along with our Easter Bunnies and Baby Dragons. But they are delicious and I have never shied away from a challenge!  So be sure to get a box, we will have them at two markets this week-end.  On Saturday, we...

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Curious about our production? A batch, start to finish.

A batch of Pistachio Raspberry Our holiday season was terrific by any measure.  After participating in Holiday Markets for 5 week-ends in a row, and shipping lots of orders out, we found ourselves with about 95 chocolates left, all in dark salted caramel, and a few Baby Dragons! So my goal is to be in the kitchen a lot right now, so we will have most of our formats ready well in time for the next big chocolate holiday, Valentine Day.  This is what it takes to do a batch:  We start our tempering machine the night before, so the chocolate...

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Party Time!

I believe that no party can truly end on a proper high note without a platter of yummy chocolates.  And they should be of varying sizes, so gourmands can indulge in the larger formats without guilt and tiny appetites can select a  small heart that seems made just for them. This has been a busy season for platters this year, see a few of them on our Instagram feed.  They are infinite fun to make, because each is unique to the occasion and the celebrants.  The platter above will be picked up early this week for a Hanukkah party.  I...

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The wonderful, fabulous SoWa Holiday Market

Almost three years ago, I was working on my first product line-up for Chocolats Passion, and wondering how I would market my soon-to-be little online Chocolaterie.  I decided to apply for the SoWa Holiday Market, even though I had yet to sell a single chocolate.  All I had was a concept and pretty pictures of my product prototypes. Chris Masci, the owner of New England Open Markets and the SoWa Holiday Market, accepted us into the 2014 market!  I remember my elation at the news and the feverish planning from that day onward,   I will be forever thankful to Chris...

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The hamster wheel

Keeping up with our production is a tall order this year! We had a great event yesterday with the wonderful Somerville Local First and sold out of many of our boxes. And at the same time, we need to ship our special orders from corporate clients, above is a picture from today's assembly. Tomorrow, we are making over 1000 Salted Caramel domes in dark chocolate, and Wednesday the same numbers with Passion Fruit Vanilla. We are feeling a bit like a hamster on his little wheel, but it is fun!

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