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Happy Halloween to you!

Our Halloween goodies at the South End Open Market. 

Halloween is the most fun of the chocolate holidays, at least for this chocolatier.  I was gleeful to discover the mold for my latest obsession, the Scary Pumpkins, when I visited my mold supplier in Montreal this spring.  I couldn't resist the toothy grin and the beady eye!

We sold lots at our Halloween markets this past week-end.  It turns out Salted Caramel can be made even yummier with the addition of a crunchy element, in this instance miniature rice puffs.  Because they are big at 25 grams each, I didn't want just a gooey salted caramel ganache and made their core a soft chewy caramel which gives them more of a toffee taste. 

These little guys are only available at this time of year, but our sweet Baby Dragons will stay for the duration.  Of all our chocolates, they get the most "oohs" and "aahs"....