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The Bunnies are coming!

The French Bunnies that is. They will be a limited edition, because frankly, they are a bit challenging to make, but deliciousness is guaranteed. Meet Jacques today, who hails from Brittany and is of course made of Salted Caramel. His fat little body is full of softly chewy bittersweet caramel, surrounded by a salted caramel ganache. His shell is 65% Madagascar criollo dark to perfectly balance out the caramel. Jacques ($15) is available to pre-order for Easter, and we will take a few of them to the Somerville Winter Farmers Market on March 19. Each will come in his own pretty...

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Ready for Valentine's Day!

Petite Love Boxes, ready for the market. Valentine's Day is probably the most intense holiday there is for the chocolatier.  We have been preparing boxes, tying bows, lining up delicious samples so we will do honor to the Somerville Winter Farmers Market.  See you Saturday between 9:30 AM and 2 PM at the Armory at 191 Highland Avenue.  We are very excited to meet everyone there!

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Valentine's Day is near!

This will be my second Valentine's Day season, and I know to devote much production time to hearts small and large.  I have also been busy replenishing stocks, left largely empty after the holidays. And thinking up a new Valentine format for our small boxes, a heart-adorned sibling to our ever-popular 9 Domes.  Here it is above, four lovely hearts flanking five domes.  It will be available in a red or bronze window box with a silver or red ribbon. But I have also decided to abide by the wishes of many of our customers who have been clamoring for...

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Yesterday, at the Salem Holiday market, I was taken to task by a market goer who asked if my chocolates are gluten free.  I told her that yes, they are, in spite of using a wheat-based glucose syrup.  (Glucose syrup, a liquid sugar, is used in small amounts in ganaches to make them more stable.) She came back a few minutes later to tell me she had checked with a Celiac organization and that I was wrong, that there was gluten in my chocolates.  So I decided to go back to my initial research,  and provide the following information that...

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