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ZERO stock!

We thank our kind sommer customers, who were undaunted by the very limited offerings of our Summer Stock page.  Alas, we are now truly, completely out of goodies. 

That is except for a few salted caramel hearts that I am saving (on pain of death)  for my mother, who is visiting in September.

We are closing on our West End house in Portland  tomorrow, and will move to Maine mid-September.  The movers will drop off my chocolate equipment at Fork Food Lab, and I will spend the rest of September/early October setting up in this new environment, getting proper licenses and preparing for the chocolate season.

You can expect Passion Collection boxes to be ready to order in late October.  November will become the focus for our Thanksgiving boxes, including our gorgeous Thanksgiving Platter, picture above.  These will be front and center when we visit the Union Square Market November 11 and November 18.

We are also planning for two holiday markets in December, so I hope to greet you at one of them!