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No cooking, much thinking...

(Image credit Mango.org)

Our forced hiatus because of the impending Maine move gives the mind time to wander:  what flavors should we eliminate?  What should we introduce?

Mangoes with Earl Grey tea are top of mind:  I did batches years ago and while the tea was a little too steeped, the flavors really worked..  I am also rethinking our almond chocolate and want to marry it with pears:  one of my go-to desserts is a pear tart with a marzipan cream and a bit of cognac.  I want to make a chocolate version.  And I have been thinking of a strawberry pate de fruits with a jolt of  fig balsamic, imagine that in a dark chocolate shell...

And candy bars are my recurring obsession, because multiple textures = sensory revelation.  Can you tell I am itching to be back in the kitchen?