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Meet Kaitlyn and Briana!

Briana (left) and Kaitlyn (right) We were thrilled to add Kaitlyn Carrion to our team in March, and Briana Prothero on July 1. Both were hired as chocolatiers, which means they are undergoing our year-long training in all aspects of chocolate making from production steps to creating their own chocolates for upcoming seasons.  We asked them to introduce themselves in their own words.  Here they are: Kaitlyn: My name is Kaitlyn, and I moved to Portland in 2020 with the intention of working for a small business. It has always been important to me to support small businesses and becoming a...

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Spring in Paris arrives about 3 weeks before spring in Portland.  Getting two springs in a year is my (Catherine here) definition of bliss, which is why I like to set off for the City of Light on Easter Sunday.  Our chocolate holiday rush is over for a bit, Mother's Day still seems distant, and the weather is typically exquisite.  While a bit cool this year, we were able to walk and walk in what I think of the most gorgeous city in the world. The calories expanded were a weak match for the equally beautiful food, but no matter! ...

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A legislative sentiment

  On March 21, Catherine, Sarah and Ruby made a little trip north to the Augusta State House to receive a "legislative sentiment" from our Cumberland County senator, Ben Chipman.  Senator Chipman first read a lengthy statement describing our business and summarizing our successes in international chocolate competitions.  It was followed by a lovely standing ovation from the whole senate chamber.  We have a beautiful official document to remember the occasion, and feel so thankful for this kind recognition.

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Gold, Silver and Bronze

2022 was a good year for our little team's competitive spirit!  In November, we won a Gold medal at the NW Chocolate Alliance for our Pistachio Raspberry chocolate, out of 9 medals bestowed worldwide on chocolate confections.  Catherine started with that chocolate back in 2014, when the business consisted of just 7 chocolates, and never pulled it out of rotation.  Along with Passion Vanilla and Salted Caramel, the only other "survivors" of the early days, it is just too beloved to ever retire. For the Academy of Chocolate (London, UK) Filled Confections 2022 competition, announced today, we decided to present...

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Thank you!

As we close out 2022, we just have to say thank you.  Our loyal customers came through for us in a year of harsh events and looming recession.  We continue to make new connections with visitors and Portlanders alike, but our business is truly sustained by our core supporters, who just keep showing up. We were thrilled and humbled to be voted Best Chocolatier in Portland this summer, and to receive a gold medal for our Pistachio Raspberry chocolate at the toughest national competition.  These awards reinforce our core belief in using great ingredients and no shortcuts. So for 2023,...

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Our first Advent Calendar!

Ever since we opened 189 Brackett, customers have asked us to make an Advent Calendar.  Putting one together is not a small matter, however:  a good calendar should provide fun surprises 25 days in a row while giving much tasting pleasure.   It should balance the tastes of kids and grownups alike, with a good mix of dark and milk chocolates.  And it should be in a sweet spot price-wise:  while a luxurious indulgence, we had to make sure we kept the price as reasonable as possible. So in the hot days of August, we devised and revised lists of potential...

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