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Spring in Paris arrives about 3 weeks before spring in Portland.  Getting two springs in a year is my (Catherine here) definition of bliss, which is why I like to set off for the City of Light on Easter Sunday.  Our chocolate holiday rush is over for a bit, Mother's Day still seems distant, and the weather is typically exquisite.  While a bit cool this year, we were able to walk and walk in what I think of the most gorgeous city in the world. The calories expanded were a weak match for the equally beautiful food, but no matter!  Visiting chocolatiers (Les 3 Chocolats, Jean-Charles Rochoux, Jean-Paul Hevin - mark my words and put them on your list to visit), the best spice shop (Roellinger) and getting teas at Mariage Frères make up my food getting priorities.  The chocolates are destined for our team meetings, where we all learn from the different styles of our Parisian colleagues.  The spices and teas will be used in our summer new chocolates research.  And some of our favorite teas will be added to our Mariage offerings. So not a bad way, at all, to get in a bit of real work done!