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2023 Advent Calendar

We dipped our toes into creating a first Advent Calendar in 2022, with an offering of just 100.  When it sold out in two days, we knew we had to do better in 2023. 

So we started planning for it in May, right after Mother's Day.  We had our friends at ASpecialty Box make us a custom calendar with an image our fabulous photographer, Winky Lewis, had created of all our Holiday confections.  We loved its icy colors, and used those for the menu that provides a short description of each daily surprise, see the image above.

We also upped our game by getting very cute new molds:  a Penguin containing our Palet d'Or ganache!  and a Brown Bear for our Marzipan!  and a Polar Bear in white chocolate, filled with our tart Passion Fruit ganache!  And a solid Rubber Duckie!  And little holiday ornaments, one in Yuzu Nougat and one in Thai Tea.

We wanted the Calendar to be equally delightful for grownups used to our sophisticated tastes and kiddos who mostly love milk chocolate. 

We were shocked to see all 280 calendars slated for this year's offering sell out in 2.5 days.  We know a number of people were disappointed.  But producing those 7000 pieces of very special chocolates and confections was the absolute maximum our Elves could do this year.  Our goal will be to up those numbers somewhat next year, but that will be a big challenge.