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2023 Best Chocolatier!

For the second year in a row, we have been voted Portland's best chocolatier.  That we appreciate our loyal customers' support is an understatement!  We will make sure to be worthy of your confidence in our skills, both with the consistency of our existing products and the creation of new tastes.

Our whole team has been a little hive of creative activity since mid May, when we start preparing for our 2024 lineup. So many new ingredients, both familiar and exotic!  Blueberry, maple syrup and corn belong in Maine of course.  Not so for soursop, timut pepper, lychee, Thai tea, prickly pear, melon, guava and others. 

Our newest team members have joined the effort, Kait having completed a delicious pear Williams chocolate in milk, and Briana just starting with an orange offering in dark chocolate.  Their road to perfection takes longer since it is their first attempt, but the learning process is invaluable to shaping them as chocolatiers worthy of your future votes!