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Introducing our Chocolatier's Choice box!

As you may know, we create one menu for the year, with a number of new chocolates added to our classics.  But we feel it to be a bit constraining, in that it limits our creative possibilities to the summer season - preceding getting the menu printed in the fall.

We have always wanted to create the most complex chocolates, with no regard to time spent on components or having to produce large quantities.   And to be able to introduce fresh tastes for our loyal customers, who are an adventurous lot, hungry for new experiences.  So came to be our first Chocolatier's Choice mini collection, which comprises:

Hazelnut Java, a three-layered chocolate cast in milk chocolate, with coffee caramel, a smooth hazelnut gianduja, and a crunchy caramelized hazelnut bottom component.

Miso Sesame, cast in caramelized white chocolate, with a sweet miso layer,  and a crunchy sesame gianduja.  Umami explosion!  Easily our most unusual chocolate, but the components are magic together.

Almond Calamansi, a four-part chocolate cast in dark chocolate, with a Calamansi (cross between a lime and a mandarin) Pâte de Fruits, candied Calamansi peel,  almond ganache and a crunchy caramelized Marcona almonds base.

Tropical Pet d'Ange, (actually means Angel Fart, which is a legitimate marshmallow French confection!) this dark chocolate has three components: a soft marshmallow with passion fruit; a lime ganache, and a contrasting crunchy layer with Marcona almonds and coconut.

We are very happy with the outcome, and hope you will be as well.  Here's where to find it on our website.  Enjoy!