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Our first Advent Calendar!

Ever since we opened 189 Brackett, customers have asked us to make an Advent Calendar.  Putting one together is not a small matter, however:  a good calendar should provide fun surprises 25 days in a row while giving much tasting pleasure.   It should balance the tastes of kids and grownups alike, with a good mix of dark and milk chocolates.  And it should be in a sweet spot price-wise:  while a luxurious indulgence, we had to make sure we kept the price as reasonable as possible.

So in the hot days of August, we devised and revised lists of potential offerings.  We decided no day would repeat, and that we would create new confections to increase variety.  We finally agreed to a definitive list, which includes everything from the chocolates in our collection to caramels, marshmallows, a few Critters and mini mendiants.  Then, we organized the confections with longer shelf life toward the end of the month to ensure freshness.

We are proud to say that all the calendars have found homes, and are being shipped or picked up as I write.  We so look forward to your discovering your daily treat!