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Getting your chocolate gift to its destination in perfect condition is THE goal.  Our excellent shipping partner is the USPS, now for 7 years. But even with their best service, and our careful packing, hot temperatures in some locales are our biggest challenge.  To deal with it:

    -  If we are shipping to a warm area, please tell your recipient a gift is coming and to bring it inside right away. 

   - We check the weather forecast at destination and will insulate the shipping box and add ice packs as needed.  We will also delay shipping to early in the week to avoid extra transit days over the weekend.

    -  We don't ship between mid- May and the end of September to the 20 states that have the hottest conditions.   Our summer rates elsewhere go up to cover insulation/ice packs for every destination.

    -  Our fall to spring shipping rates follow closely USPS Priority rates, which are lowest for destinations close to Maine and higher for farther destinations.