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Price increase, but a silver lining.

Effective September 5, we are implementing a price increase across our product line.  This will help us deal with higher costs, and particularly that of chocolate, our biggest ingredient by far.  While we increased prices on those items that use a lot of chocolate, we decided not to change the price of other items where it was possible (Pâte de Fruits, Hazelnut Crème, Vegan tablets).

Prices for high-quality chocolate have gone up yearly ever since we started the business in 2014, but that is where the silver lining comes in. Guittard, our chocolate provider and a leader in the Fair Trade alliance, has worked diligently to raise the living wage of their cocoa farmers partners throughout the world.    So yes, we are feeling the pressure of rising cocoa prices, but they are in the service of the Fair Trade Alliance members' long- term commitment to protect small cocoa farms, their communities and their environment.

So we thank you for supporting us, and the cocoa farmers in turn.