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Mark January 17, 2024 as a defining date in the life of Chocolats Passion!  On this date, Sarah and Catherine became co-owners of this enterprise we love so much.

It was clear from the time Sarah joined Chocolats Passion in early 2020 that she brought skills and energy that complemented our small team perfectly.  Her creative abilities, a central element of our brand, were on full display when she won a silver medal for her very first creation at the NW Chocolate Festival.  This was just six months after joining us!  Ever since, she has won medals for six more chocolates in the Academy of Chocolate yearly competition.

Over time, Sarah's organizational strengths made her an obvious choice to manage day to day production, and to train new employees. In the last two years, we started to set production targets and product pricing together.  This fine tuned Sarah's growing management competencies and her ability to understand our strategic focus.  And the COVID years taught us to pivot and pivot and pivot...  all priceless business lessons.

For Catherine, having Sarah as her co-owner means peace of mind, as she contemplates retirement in a few years. The most difficult task for a small business is to create a good succession plan:  most small businesses become empty shells when an owner sells to an outsider, because the intellectual property and production secrets are gone; and the heart and soul of the enterprise as well.  So, we are so lucky that we can continue working together with our wonderful team,  creating a great future for our little company!