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From Wednesday December 19, holiday hours will be from noon to 7 PM until Christmas Eve, when we will close at 5PM. 

We will re-open on December 28 for our regular retail hours, 1 PM to 7 PM until New Year's Eve. 

We will take a short break from January 1 until January 9th, when we will resume our regular schedule of 1 PM to 7 PM Wednesday to Sunday.

Preparing for holiday markets in past years was a straightforward affair, involving the preparation of an assortment of boxes in a broad price range.  When things sold out, customers would shift their purchasing up or down depending on budget. 

Managing the holiday rush at the shop has been an altogether different challenge, where we want to minimize shortages as much as possible.  So Darcy, Morghan (our wonderful recent sales hire) and I assemble boxes furiously as we see them vanish, so as to stay a little bit ahead of the curve if possible.  But this is the time of year when customers want 20 of something, and do understand it will take a day for us to deliver on their order.  Please all know that we appreciate your patience as we learn the rhythms of this first season!