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A year with Darcy

A year ago Darcy and I met at a Valentine party my neighbor was hosting for her women friends.  We chatted about chocolate and her background as a pastry chef. I asked her to come work with me on the spot, which she accepted on the spot! 

I was producing chocolates at the Fork Food Lab at the time, and there Darcy started her chocolate education.   She proved herself immediately, her pastry skills transferring smoothly to our work.   The professional kitchen discipline she brought to the job helped me look at our production process with fresh eyes. And in the essential recipe creation and tweaking process, Darcy has been a superb sounding board.  Two palates assessing flavors make for superior results.

Once we moved into Brackett Street, we developed a work division that leveraged both our skills.   It soon became obvious that Darcy has a unique talent with color. Her cocoa butter painting skills soon soared beyond anything I could create.  I know how much our customers love the results.

Darcy's husband Matt was central to our move to a professional menu which he totally redesigned.  The results are just gorgeous.

Darcy was also instrumental in hiring Winky Lewis, a superb Portland-based professional photographer, so we could show our products in the best light.

So on this first anniversary of a great work relationship, I wish to thank Darcy for making Chocolats Passion a better chocolaterie.  And I cannot wait to see what we will create together in this second year!