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Six weeks in......

We already feel like part of the fabric of the neighborhood.  I know this is a bit of a grandiose statement to make, but it is real. Most of our customers live within a short walk of the store, and for a good number, we are becoming a weekly or bi-weekly stop.  Some just want a couple of little hearts to enjoy as they walk home, others come in for gifts.  An inordinate number seem to be on their way to dinner parties, as they stop in to buy a gift box for their hosts.  8th graders from the King school buy French lollipops and dinosaur marzipan eggs, or little raspberry candies we sell by the ounce.  Renee by the Bay and Joyful Spirit have their fans who return for Renee's pies and Ellie's vegan bites. 

Our sandwich board announces our focus for the week, whether Baby Dragons this past two weeks or the introduction of our vegan Hazelnut spread.  We are running out of things like our dark Mendiants and the hearts that go into our most popular little box of four, and figuring out how to better plan our production to minimize shortages.  Soon, we will be serving hot chocolate, the French way of course.  And Darcy and I are concocting new mendiant combinations and planning holiday flavors.  So come in, and join your neighbors, we are all having a grand time!