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A huge thank you to the Chocolate Lovers!

The Chocolate Lovers' Fling proved to be everything promised and more.  It raised a great deal of money for SARSSM, particularly with the lively and highly convincing auctioneer skills of Eva and Blake from Coast 93.1.  And clearly the attendees had a wonderful time!

The display of the 100+ Crunchy Salted Caramel Tiny Planets I had arranged before the show got raided within minutes during the first break, which I took as a high compliment.  And at the end, Chocolats Passion first received a prize for best specialty confection before claiming the People's Choice award, where audience member cast a ballot for their favorite of the day.  I confess I choked up a little when it was announced, and felt so very thankful for these Chocolate Lovers' vote of confidence.