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Valentines flying out!

My first Valentine season is proving to be a blast!  As you can see from the picture above, the choices are highly varied:  the Love Flower is a perennial hit, many are seeking out Love Bites, the Twin Hearts have lots of fans, and the Petite Valentine box is a total winner.  These went out yesterday.  More boxes are being assembled and shipped today and tomorrow, and more pick up orders into Saturday...  no rest for the (happy) chocolatier!

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Thank you, Belmont Citizen Herald!

I am most grateful to Joanna Tzouvelis, Editor of the Belmont Citizen Herald, for a wonderful article published this past week about my little venture.  Lucia Arno-Bernsen did a remarkable job parsing through my not very cohesive comments during her lengthy interview.  Ann Ringwood took great action pictures while I was assembling a corporate order of Mini Passion 16 Bites. Here is the link should you be interested: http://belmont.wickedlocal.com/article/20150112/NEWS/150119266 I cannot think of a nicer introduction to Belmont for Chocolats Passion!  Thank you, thank you!

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Will you be my Valentine?

A chocolatier's life is controlled by the rhythm of Chocolate High Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter and Mothers' Day.  So while we just finished celebrating the end of 2014, in proper chocolate style of course, Valentine's day is just around the corner and will shortly dominate the schedule of every chocolatier.  Valentine's Day is totally defined by the gift of chocolate, flowers, and romantic meals by candlelight, but how did this come to be? According to Wikipedia, and I quote, " the day was first associated with romantic love in the circle of Chaucer in the late...

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SoWa, Wow!

No wonder artisans of all stripes try to get selected for the SoWa Holiday Market!  This 2014 event was my first as a vendor, and I was left stunned by the throngs of eager buyers and the overall warm, wonderful spirit of the two days.  As a result, we now have hundreds of new customers!  They bought everything from our Love Flowers ($10) to our Grande Passion ($86) gift boxes.  I had made 2400 samples to hand out over the two days ( and 600 more to give out in little gold ballotins with larger purchases) and we ran out...

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Inside story!

What do the chocolates’ insides look like? It’s a little tough to figure out mid-bite, so I thought it would be useful to provide this image of our two largest chocolates, the Giant Truffles (all 6 show on the left half of photo) and the Big Hearts (7 on the right side). As I mention on their pages, these chocolates are dessert-sized, the Giant Truffles weighing in at about 40 grams (1.4 oz) and the Big Hearts at 32 grams (1.1 oz).   They will provide a great finish to any dinner party, at no work (and much glory) for the...

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