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Putting together the perfect Mother's Day gift...

Our four-layer Petite box has proven to be the most popular choice for a "serious" gift. At $46 plus $8 shipping, it won't break the bank, but conveys highly thoughtful and personalized gifting.

We have four permutations of the box, each adapted to its occasion:  the Petite Passion, the Valentine Petite, the Spring Critters Petite and now the Mother's Day Petite.  The two Winter boxes are bronze with a red or silver ribbon, the two Spring ones pearl with a soft green ribbon.  We hear from our customers that they recycle the boxes, which are beautifully made inside and out.

The fun for me is to select the combination of chocolate formats that go into each collection.  For the Mother's Day Petite box, I want to convey the giver's symbolic love with two dessert hearts on the top layer, and four puffed hearts on the third.  It is also important to have a sampling of our flavors, so the second layer is dedicated to our 9 Domes.  The last layer holds a Tiny Planet, surrounded by four butterflies in salted caramel.

As with all our boxes, you are welcome to select Mom's favorite flavors. The flavors are described to the right of each product's page.

We wish you a beautiful May 10 in the company of your darling mother, may you get much joy from each other's company!