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Turkeys, turkeys, turkeys...

Turkey time is upon us, and we have taken to the big bird chanllenge in a fun way. We have a Little Turkey (see him and his kin above) to adorn your Thanksgiving table:  this little guy is done in dark milk chocolate and is full of soft caramel, with lace cookie bits and rice puffs for a lovely crunch.  Weighing in at 50 grams, he is perfect as a snack a few hours after the big feast.

Our larger bird (85 grams/3 ounces, same composition)  is the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving Platter, itself a fantastic dessert.  In addition to 8 Tiny Planets (choose the flavors) and 8 large Salted Caramel hearts, we have new seasonal Pumpkin caramel domes with a beautiful pistachio at center.

Our birds are a rare species, few are made, so be sure to order right away!