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Thank you!

Moving from the big city (Boston) to Portland has meant lots of changes for this little chocolate company, and nothing was more apparent last night at my Pop-Up launch at the Fork Food Lab.  A strong sense of community is the most obvious, in this small city that is simply obsessed with good ingredients and great food.  Taking visitors through the range of my chocolates created a true exchange and connection.  I had made the little hearts tiny so one could taste all seven without any guilt. The experience convinced me even more strongly of the necessity of creating widely different flavor profiles,  because everyone had different favorites and that is the way it should be! 

Thank you to all who came, and to my wonderful colleagues who shared the tasting room with me:  Jenn Stein, the awesome General Manager of the Fork Food Lab, Nina Murray of Mill Cove Baking co. with her amazing crackers, Jacqueline Dole of The Parlor Ice Cream Co., the best ice cream you will ever taste, and Renee Dolley of Renee by the Bay with her beautiful pastries.  And the evening would not have been complete without the fabulous wines of Cellar Door Winery:  my favorite was a gorgeous glass of Prince Valiant!