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Preparing for V day

Photo credit Sarah Levine

The time span between the holidays and Valentine day is the shortest of all the major chocolate holidays, and as such imposes absolute production discipline on our team!   We use the past year's numbers to guide our output, but also add a hefty increase to deal with last season's shortages.  Among our most popular Valentine offerings are our Big Valentine Heart and our "Love you to the Moon and Stars" boxes, so we are hard at work to make more. 

The other challenge is that Valentine season is our favorite time of year to introduce new chocolates.  The case above shows all that we have to offer right now, with a record 16 chocolates!  We are phasing out Mango Earl Grey and Ginger for a while, to make room for our new Sour Cherry and Yuzu Honey.  We are also bringing back a customer favorite and medal winner, Lime Habanero. 

And on offer very soon (online and in the shop) will be a box of four fat hearts, all spicy chocolates!  They include Szechuan Peppercorn, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Lime Habanero and Pecan Pralines with chipotle.  The heat level isn't volcanic but just enough, so the layers of flavor build and linger....