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Eggs! Bunnies! Repeat!

Pack up the heart molds, polish the eggs!  Thematically, the switch from Valentine production to Easter is swift.  This year, the early Easter date (April 4) makes speed even more necessary.  But not stressful, because each of us loves the creativity of making each batch of eggs vividly different from the last.  We love to imagine a festive Easter table adorned by our eggs, each unique.

The French Bunnies are more exacting, and Darcy is the ultimate bunny maker with her precise, sheer yet fanciful painting.  Jacques (above) is done in brown tones with a little pink nose and white ears, Marius decidedly less natural in almond green, while Amélie sports a flower and pale pinks. 

This year, we aim to make many more than last year, because we run out way too early.  But we already have a number of orders for pickup or shipping, so suggest you do the same soon to avoid disappointment.