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Meet our new Lead Chocolatier!

Our team is thrilled to announce that Sarah Levine has been promoted to Lead Chocolatier!  Ever since Sarah joined us almost two years ago, she has blazed a trail of masterful competence in all aspects of our profession. 

She has excelled in every way: from creating a prize-winning chocolate six months in (Silver medal for her Pecan Pralines Mendiant).    She conquered all the complex chocolate-making aspects of our work, gradually taking over organizing our production so our team could collaborate in an ever efficient,  seamless flow.  Then, training our apprentice Ruby from day one in all the steps of chocolate production, so well that Ruby would in turn be able to create a delicious chocolate (Bergamot). And she treats our customers with an incredible recall of their preferences, always cheerful and ready to make their experience with us unique and special. 

So next time you are in the shop, please join us in offering Sarah your warm congratulations!