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We are back!!!

Our Grandes Vacances were the best, and we are now well rested and so excited to be making chocolates again!   First order of business were batches of Hazelnut Crème, then organic lemonade with the vast quantities of lemon juice we collect from the Meyer lemons we candy.  We freeze the juice all year long so it can be enjoyed right now when it is hot.  (Our cups are compostable and the straws paper, by the way.)

Today, we are readying two summer mendiants:  one made with Maxwell Farm strawberries and candied Meyer lemon, in a shell of Valrhona Dulcey, a magical caramelized white.  The other is our 72% chocolate holding a little slab of Montelimar nougat.  In the nougat?  Hazelnuts, pistachios, Marcona almonds, Turkish apricots and Lemon of course.  Limited supplies of all, but so thrilled to share what we have with you!