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Thank you for a great season!

I am writing this entry while on our short January break, which started on New Year's  Eve and ends this Wednesday.  Looking back, the five weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year were a blur.  Darcy painted molds, Patricia made mendiants, we all made ganaches and filled thousands upon thousands of chocolates before making up boxes that would be instantly snapped up.  We had to limit larger box purchases in order to have enough for all to the end of the holidays.  Our kind customers graciously obliged us and shifted to smaller formats. So this was a splendid holiday season for our little chocolaterie, and I feel so thankful to you, our new customers and loyal regulars, for your support of this little enterprise.  Now of course we will be re-energized from those days of rest to create anew for Valentine's Day, a short five and a half weeks ahead!