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Saying goodbye to Darcy

Winky Lewis Photo

Darcy was first introduced to all via this blog entry over four years ago.  She has been a huge part of what Chocolats Passion has become today: first starting from our tiny corner at the Fork Food Lab, to helping decide on our move to 189 Brackett Street for our shop/production space. 

For four years, she juggled being a loving mom (and as we know, much of that during COVID) while giving us her creative energy, positivity and serene presence.  She nudged me, ever so gently, away from our corny menus and inelegant graphics to new ways of portraying us to the world.  Huge thanks go to her wonderful husband Matt, who used his art director skills to make them all reality.  Menus, logos, our signature black boxes have all been totally overhauled by Darcy and Matt.

And of course, as a chocolatier she was superb at creating complex, balanced new chocolates. We owe her some of our most popular, including Brown Butter Pecan, Palet d'Or, Turkish Coffee (winner of a bronze medal at the world's toughest competition), Malted Milk, Sour Cherry, and her iconic Peppermint Crunch (huge demand/big holiday shortage!).  Some of those chocolates required mastering difficult techniques, but nothing would get in the way of Darcy getting them to perfection.

Darcy was also the color master behind all our new chocolates, Easter eggs, Yule Logs, Dragons and more these last four years.  The pleasure you derive from looking at our confections is a direct result of her great eye and mastery of beautiful cocoa butter combinations.

So you will appreciate our mixed emotions as we said goodbye to Darcy earlier this month.  She wants more time with her family, and the chance to pursue new creative endeavors.  But she will always be a part of the team, now as our distinguished alumna.  Thank you, dear friend, for giving us those beautiful years!