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Holiday markets!

Holiday markets hold a special place in my heart:  it was at the SOWA Holiday Market three years ago that I got my start, and to this day I love them.  The collective energy of my fellow vendors and the displays of their marvelous wares,  the music and the crowds, all combine into a happy space.  It is even more special when snow makes an appearance, as it did last week-end.  Well, the snow did feel special - that is, until I had to head back to Maine...

We come with even more samples than usual, which are dominated by salted caramel, which at least 80% of our visitors will request after we list the options.  More adventurous types will go for Passion Vanilla or Ginger.  I love seeing little kids reaching out for a tiny salted caramel heart, and to see them reacting to the taste.

I head into Salem Saturday for their two-day holiday market.  The venue in the Old Town Hall is so perfect for the season.  Swing by, you will love it!