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Eggs, and bunnies, and more eggs...

Our first Spring/Easter season is thankfully over!  While we had a 9-week (seemingly endless) stretch between Valentine day and Easter, it proved to be barely enough time to create all the spring creatures and all the large and smaller eggs.  The challenge could be ascribed to one thing:  this is our first year with a shop, and demand is tremendously different from that in my prior life doing markets.  With the Valentine day's onslaught, we could just make new boxes adding domes to hearts when we ran out.  Not possible with eggs, or bunnies...

We sold out of Jacques and Marius, the French bunnies, almost a week before Easter.  Noted for next year!  We ran out of the eggs too, but those we could make every morning, particularly the little ones. 

I was lucky to be able to take a little break in France, to join our family for a big Fête de Famille to celebrate our parents' respective 90th birthdays.  Brittany was gorgeous, in full bloom, green and lush.  Darcy minded the shop, so we didn't miss a beat.  But now it is back to work, and time to get ready for our first Mother's Day at 189 Brackett!