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Valentine's Day is near!

This will be my second Valentine's Day season, and I know to devote much production time to hearts small and large.  I have also been busy replenishing stocks, left largely empty after the holidays. And thinking up a new Valentine format for our small boxes, a heart-adorned sibling to our ever-popular 9 Domes.  Here it is above, four lovely hearts flanking five domes.  It will be available in a red or bronze window box with a silver or red ribbon.

But I have also decided to abide by the wishes of many of our customers who have been clamoring for Salted Caramel in DARK chocolate Tomorrow will be dedicated to our first batch:  I will use a gorgeous 65% Madagascar criollo by E. Guittard for the shells of four different size hearts, Domes and Tiny Planets, and much look forward to sharing the results with all of you.