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Yesterday, at the Salem Holiday market, I was taken to task by a market goer who asked if my chocolates are gluten free.  I told her that yes, they are, in spite of using a wheat-based glucose syrup.  (Glucose syrup, a liquid sugar, is used in small amounts in ganaches to make them more stable.)

She came back a few minutes later to tell me she had checked with a Celiac organization and that I was wrong, that there was gluten in my chocolates. 

So I decided to go back to my initial research,  and provide the following information that comes straight from Celiac organizations.  There is broad consensus on this issue, and here are two links that gluten avoiders may want to check out:


4- Glucose syrup

Why it’s on worry lists in the first place:  Glucose syrup is typically made from corn in the U.S., although wheat is used more often in Europe.

Why you don’t have to worry: The processing removes harmful gluten protein. In fact, both the European Food Safety Authority and researchers in Finland have concluded that glucose syrup made from wheat can be safely included in the gluten-free diet. They tested glucose syrup and found it to be free of harmful levels of gluten. Also, a clinical study showed that patients with celiac disease who consumed glucose syrup for 24 weeks showed no signs of damage when biopsied.

Why that’s a good thing: Here’s an ingredient where processors, scientists, researchers and physicians all agree. With such strong evidence, you never have to worry about glucose syrup.


Ingredients Derived from Wheat

In general, a gluten-free diet excludes all ingredients derived from wheat. There are a few ingredients, however, that are extensively processed and do not contain any proteins in the final product. As a result, these ingredients are safe for people eating gluten free.

  • Glucose Syrup from Wheat

    Glucose syrup is a purified concentrated water-soluble solution of sugars. It can be made from a variety of starches including corn, potato and wheat. The manufacturing process renders glucose syrups gluten free regardless of the source of starch, so glucose syrup made from wheat is safe for people with celiac disease

I hope this will make celiac sufferers comfortable enough to enjoy our chocolates.  We use milk products and tree nuts in our chocolates, those are real threats to people allergic to them and they should not partake.  As for gluten, not an issue.