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Party Time!

I had to put together three party trays in the last few days.  There is nothing I love more, because each is different and reflects the desires of the party giver.  All three this time had a generous representation of Critters, an absolute necessity when kids will be guests!  All the Critters are milk chocolate filled with salted caramel, so will please everyone.  I don't compromise on my favored intense dark caramel flavor when making them, I have found kids have great palates and don't appreciate dumbed-down sweets. 
Another chocolate making a big showing on the trays are my Tiny Planets.  First, they look great; second, they are my favorite chocolate format, the perfect big bite at 18 grams.  The rest is a mix of Hearts and Bites, and finally I use Baby Frogs to fill out the little spaces.
The trays are always a huge hit with the guests.  And while key cards are provided to help identify flavors, I have noticed that almost everyone happily partakes and pays them no attention at all!