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Our Flavors

Our Menu, with a short description of each core flavor.

We offer a core collection of seven flavors that offer distinct tastes and don't overlap.  Among them are our favorite tree nuts:  they are almond, hazelnut and pistachio, each of which we pair with contrasting or supporting elements.  Our fruits currently include passion fruit, raspberry, and lemon.  We are also big fans of ginger and coffee. And we choose a dark or milk shell to suit what pairs best with each flavor profile. 

We also create additional limited edition chocolates, typically two flavors each  for the Winter season, Valentine day, springtime  and Mother's day.  They are available in our shop at 189 Brackett and on the special collection pages as they become available.

Here are the core flavors found in our Domes, Tiny Planets, smaller hearts, and butterflies. Flavors for other formats are described on their page.

Almond Citrus:  72% dark shell with an intense almond ganache, paired with our organic candied pink grapefruit.

Dulce de Café:  72% dark shell with a strong French roast that is tamed by an organic Dulce de Leche.

Ginger Caramel:  41% milk shell with a caramel that contains a beautiful puree of young ginger shoots.

Mango Earl Grey:  72% dark shell with a deep Mango base and a distinct Earl Grey infused ganache.

Passion Vanilla: 72% dark shell with two ganaches:  a very tart passion fruit ganache and a mellow Madagascar vanilla ganache.

Pistachio Raspberry:  41% milk shell with three elements;  a pistachio ganache made with fresh pistachios, which we grind smooth in our stone grinder; a raspberry pâte de fruits; and a small piece of organic candied Meyer lemon.

Salted Caramel:  we use both a 72% dark and a 41% milk chocolates to pair with our bittersweet salted caramel ganache.  As with all our ganaches, it is made with organic cream and organic butter.  This chocolate also contains Madagascar vanilla and Guérande fleur de sel.

The following are our two current seasonal flavors:

Strawberry & Cream:  Catherine collected kilos of Maxwell Farm strawberries last July and is making them into a luscious pâte de fruit.  They are paired with a light lemony cream in a 72% dark chocolate shell

Lime Habanero:  done with a 41% milk chocolate shell, the ganache is made with Valrhona's Dulcey, a caramelized white chocolate.  The lime, habanero and a tiny bit of rum will make you think you are on a Caribbean beach!.