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Halloween Critters

                                                                                    Winky Lewis Photo

The shipping deadline for Halloween gifts is Tuesday night 10-26. 

Our Halloween Critters will thrill everyone:  each Baby Dragon is big enough for four to six, while the Scary Pumpkins are a delicious indulgence for one or two.  And the skulls are the best big bite for one.

The Baby Dragons are done in 72% dark or 41% milk chocolate and are full of crunchy deliciousness with salted caramel one done in dark chocolate, and hazelnut gianduja for the milk one.  Each comes in a beautiful black box.

The Scary Pumpkins are available in dark or milk chocolate, please specify,  and contains tiny rice puffs or lace cookie bits with salted caramel.  They come three to a box.  The Skulls come four to a box and are filled with rice puffs and salted caramel.  Note that all our Halloween Critters contain gluten.