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Advent Calendar


We are now sold out of the calendar online and in the shop.  We very much appreciate your steadfast support, and thank you for your kind understanding!  We never expected to run out this quickly, but we did everything to produce as many calendars as possible for this season.

Last year, we offered our first Advent Calendar and sold out within two days.  We learned so much from this first run, and can confidently say this year's Calendar will absolutely create a daily thrill for its recipients!  There are no repeats among our 25 treats, with a number of offerings only available within the Calendar's pretty confines.

We made the Calendar equally grownup and kid friendly, by adding adorable three-D little bears (polar and brown), a penguin, a duckie, our classic bunny and baby frogs.  But the tastes inside will still satisfy the most sophisticated palate.  Among classic French holiday tastes will be a large chestnut Star, yuzu with nougat, a peppermint Tiny Planet and many others.  Note that the entire Calendar is gluten-free.

Please place separate orders if your Calendars are shipping to different addresses.  And enter your gift message in our dialogue box at checkout.

We will ship the Calendars by the 20th of November, and they will also be available for pickup at the shop at that time. While we are making fully 2.5 times more Calendars available than last year, they will still sell out fast, so do not tarry!

(We wanted the images on our custom Calendar to display the many treats we make for the Holidays!  Do note that it doesn't contain the Yule Logs and Ornaments pictured, because they are way too big: those will be available at the shop, or to order online, closer to Christmas.)

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