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 An eternity ago, back before the pandemic and the shutdown,  I was invited to speak at Mechanics' Hall, as part of their Makers' series.  I saw it as a great opportunity to provide a quick primer on the history of chocolate, how we create our artisan goodies,  and finally, to talk about the state of global chocolate today.  The latter is so important because few consumers know much about the environmental and societal issues around chocolate farming. So, I had a soapbox and made good use of it!   Should you be interested, here is a link to my presentation.

And mid-summer, I participated in a podcast with two fabulous interviewers from Femidish, who put together a four-part series focusing on the Fork Food Lab, of which I am an alumn.  Femidish focuses on the intersection of food and feminism, and the way women food makers define their professional lives. Here is the link to that interview

 Both were great opportunities to state our core values as chocolatiers, and to focus a lens on the larger chocolate world as well.  So, a big thank you to both organizations!