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Fun at the South End Farmers Market

We have now done three markets at the South End Farmers Market, and what a thrilling experience it has been!  My platform is really online, but the few farmers markets I have lined up give us such a great opportunity to share our chocolates with market visitors. They come from all over the world, showing what a vibrant destination Boston is, particularly at this time of year when the temperatures are crisp and the air perfect.

My darling mother is visiting from Toulouse, France and has been a fantastic helper, participating in every market as the sample giver.  See the picture above and tell me whether chocolate isn't good for your health!  This grand lady is in her late 80s and I am so proud of her vibrant health and radiant presence.  Yesterday she handed out hundreds of samples and we sold many boxes in various formats.  We are sold out of both Wave Bars and Tiny Planets thanks to our enthusiastic buyers.  But they will be back in stock later this month.

Our next installment will unveil our Halloween Giant Truffles!  They will be available in the next two weeks of the SOWA markets.  Hope to see you there, please come over and see what Chocolats Passion is all about!