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SoWa, Wow!

No wonder artisans of all stripes try to get selected for the SoWa Holiday Market!  This 2014 event was my first as a vendor, and I was left stunned by the throngs of eager buyers and the overall warm, wonderful spirit of the two days. 

As a result, we now have hundreds of new customers!  They bought everything from our Love Flowers ($10) to our Grande Passion ($86) gift boxes.  I had made 2400 samples to hand out over the two days ( and 600 more to give out in little gold ballotins with larger purchases) and we ran out on both days. We didn't even have time for a lunch break!

Our warmest thanks go to Chris Masci, SoWa's Markets' owner, for selecting us to participate when this business wasn't even started.  This shows a heartwarming faith in our product.

And my biggest thanks go to our tireless helpers, first darling daughter Annelise, and dear friends Amalia and Rosendo. Annelise handed out samples on Saturday, cheerfully and endlessly describing the five chocolates we had as little heart samples.  Amalia took her place on Sunday and also did a magnificent job.  And on Sunday, Rosendo carefully placed each purchase in its shopping bag. Doing it without you would have been unthinkable!