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Crunch + Critters

(Winky Lewis Photography)

Please visit our boutique at 189 Brackett Street in Portland's West End to see our full range of chocolate gifts.            
We are open Wednesday to Sunday 1PM to 7PM, and can be reached at (207) 536-0496. 

Our Crunch collection offers two very different taste experiences.  Baby Bars are a crunchy take on our classic salted caramel with the addition of miniature rice puffs. 

Our French Mendiants are very different, since they are made of solid chocolate with inclusions such as candied organic citrus and nuts.  

Our Critters are done in milk or dark salted caramel and come five to a box, with a big frog, a baby frog, a hedgehog, a butterfly and a little bunny.

Please state your chocolates' desired arrival date in the checkout page message box.  And add your gift message there as well.  Boxes shipping to different addresses have to be done as separate orders.

If you will be  picking up your order at our shop, indicate when in the dialogue box.  We will refund your shipping charge and will have your order ready.