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Crunch Collection

We are moving to Maine in coming days and will be out of touch completely from September 12 to 19. .  Our stocks are now exhausted. 

Setting up our Maine commercial kitchen will be our focus in September to mid  October.

We will be ready to fulfill orders again in late October.  Thank you for your kind understanding!

What is better than Salted Caramel?  Salted Caramel with crunch of course!  The addition of cookie bits and/or miniature rice puffs to our Baby,  Big Bars and Crunchy Hearts gives them a very different feel from our classic chocolates.

Our Baby Bars weigh between 18 and 21 grams each, while Big Bars are roughly 50% bigger.  The Dessert Hearts are a helfty 35 grams each. We offer them in three versions:

    -  Crispy Salted Caramel in 72%  dark chocolate.

    -  Crunchy Hazelnut:  in 41% milk chocolate. 

    - Citrus Nougat in 41% milk chocolate. 

We did a lot of trials with our devoted group of tasters, and they are crazy about them. We will be taking them to our markets, so swing by so you can fully appreciate their awesome yumminess!